12 strokes

solution, answer



Common words

  • 回答かいとう
    reply, answer
  • 答申とうしん
    report, reply, findings
  • 答弁とうべん
    response, reply, answer, defence, defense
  • 答えこたえ
    answer, reply, response, answer, solution, result
  • 応答おうとう
    reply, answer, response
  • 解答かいとう
    answer, solution
  • 答案とうあん
    examination paper, examination script, answer sheet, answer (to an exam question)
  • 問答もんどう
    questions and answers, dialogue
  • 返答へんとう
    reply, answer
  • 贈答ぞうとう
    exchange of presents
  • 答えるこたえる
    to answer, to reply
  • 押し問答おしもんどう
    arguing back and forth, bandying words, verbal tug-of-war
  • 禅問答ぜんもんどう
    Zen dialogue, Zen questions and answers