13 strokes

node, season, period, occasion, verse, clause, stanza, honor, joint, knuckle, knob, knot, tune, melody



Common words

  • 季節きせつ
    season, time of year
  • せつ
    occasion, time, section (of a literary work or piece of music), passage, paragraph, verse, stanza, clause, season, term, one's principles, integrity, node (of a plant stem), (taxonomical) section, knot (nautical mile per hour)
  • 使節しせつ
    envoy, ambassador, delegate, emissary, mission
  • 節約せつやく
    economising, saving
  • 関節かんせつ
    joint (knee, elbow, etc.)
  • 調節ちょうせつ
    regulation, adjustment, control
  • 削り節けずりぶし
    flaked bonito
  • 節操せっそう
    constancy, integrity, fidelity, principle, faithfulness, honor, honour
  • 国慶節こっけいせつ
    anniversary of founding (of PRC), national celebration time
  • 節句せっく
    seasonal festival
  • 時節じせつ
    season, the times, opportunity, occasion
  • 季節風きせつふう
    seasonal winds