20 strokes

enroll, domiciliary register, membership



Common words

  • 国籍こくせき
    nationality, citizenship, nationality (ship, airplane, etc.), registration, flag
  • 書籍しょせき
    book, publication
  • 戸籍こせき
    family register, census
  • 在籍ざいせき
    being enrolled (at a school), being registered, being a member (of a team, organization, etc.)
  • 本籍ほんせき
    one's registered domicile (as recorded in the family register), one's legal domicile (as opposed to where one lives)
  • 入籍にゅうせき
    registering (a marriage, etc.) in the family register
  • 除籍じょせき
    removing a name, expelling (e.g. from school), decommissioning