7 strokes

lineage, system



Common words

  • 系列けいれつ
    series, sequence, system, succession, keiretsu (group), conglomeration of businesses linked by cross-shareholdings, affiliated, subsidiary
  • 日系にっけい
    (of) Japanese descent, non-Japanese of Japanese descent, nikkeijin, company, etc. set up with Japanese capital, company managed by Japanese or non-Japanese of Japanese descent
  • 体系たいけい
    system, organization, organisation, architecture
  • 系統けいとう
    system, lineage, ancestry, family line, group (e.g. of colors) (colours), family (e.g. of languages), party, school (of thought), close (evolutionary) relationship, a population sharing a common ancestor (in genetics), strain (e.g. bacterial)
  • 直系ちょっけい
    direct descent, direct line
  • 家系かけい
    family lineage
  • 系譜けいふ
    genealogy, lineage, family tree, pedigree
  • 系図けいず
    family tree, pedigree, genealogy