10 strokes

settlement, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store



Common words

  • 納税のうぜい
    payment of taxes
  • 納得なっとく
    consent, agreement, acceptance, understanding, satisfaction (e.g. with an explanation), being convinced
  • 納入のうにゅう
    payment (of taxes, fees, etc.), supply (of goods), delivery
  • 納豆なっとう
    natto (fermented soybeans)
  • 滞納たいのう
    falling behind (with a payment), being in arrears, non-payment, default, delinquency
  • 出納すいとう
    receipts and expenditure (disbursements)
  • 納屋なや
    shed, barn, outhouse
  • 奉納ほうのう
    dedication, offering, presentation, oblation
  • 未納みのう
    payment default, overdue on a payment