10 strokes




Common words

  • かみ
  • 手紙てがみ
    letter, missive, note, mail
  • 用紙ようし
    blank form, sheets of paper, sheet of paper
  • 紙面しめん
    space on a page (e.g. in a newspaper), surface of paper, letter, writings, document
  • 白紙はくし
    white paper, flyleaf, blank paper, clean slate, lack of prior opinion, positions, etc., scratch, beginning
  • 表紙ひょうし
    cover (of a book, magazine, etc.), binding, to appear on the cover of a magazine
  • 紙幣しへい
    paper money, note, bill
  • 原稿用紙げんこうようし
    Japanese writing paper (lined with a square grid, one square per character), manuscript paper
  • 和紙わし
    washi, Japanese paper
  • 新聞紙しんぶんし
    newsprint, newspaper used for wrapping, packing, etc., newspaper
  • 紙袋かみぶくろ
    paper bag
  • 印紙いんし
    (revenue) stamp
  • 色紙しきし
    square fancy cardboard, used for autographs, poetry, etc.
  • 折り紙おりがみ
    origami, art of paper folding, hallmark, certificate of authenticity
  • 画用紙がようし
    drawing paper
  • 壁紙かべがみ
    wallpaper, wallpaper, background image, desktop image
  • 厚紙あつがみ
    cardboard, thick paper
  • 日本紙にほんし
    Japanese paper