10 strokes

distract, be mistaken for, go astray, divert



Common words

  • 紛争ふんそう
    dispute, conflict, trouble, strife
  • 紛糾ふんきゅう
    complication, confusion, disorder, chaos, dispute, conflict, trouble, quarrel
  • 紛失ふんしつ
    loss, going missing
  • 紛れまぐれ
    fluke, chance, pure luck
  • 紛れるまぎれる
    to disappear into, to be lost in, to slip into, to get mixed in among, to do something under the cover of (confusion, etc.), to be almost indistinguishable, to be confusingly similar, to be diverted from (negative emotions, etc.), to forget about, to be distracted by, to be too absorbed in
  • 紛らわしいまぎらわしい
    easily mixed up (e.g. similar words), easily mistaken, confusing, misleading, equivocal, ambiguous