12 strokes

tie, bind, contract, join, organize, do up hair, fasten



Common words

  • 結果けっか
    result, consequence, outcome, effect, as a result of ..., as a consequence of ..., after ..., following ..., bearing fruit, fruiting
  • 結論けつろん
    conclusion (of an argument, discussion, study, etc.), conclusion
  • 結婚けっこん
  • 結局けっきょく
    after all, in the end, ultimately, eventually, conclusion, end, end of a game of go, shogi, etc.
  • 結成けっせい
    formation, combination
  • 終結しゅうけつ
    end, close
  • 凍結とうけつ
    freezing (e.g. water), freezing (prices, wages, assets, etc.), moratorium, suspension (e.g. investment)
  • 結束けっそく
    union, unity, solidarity, bundling, binding, tying, putting on (clothes, armour, etc.)
  • 結婚式けっこんしき
    marriage ceremony, wedding, nuptials
  • 結ぶむすぶ
    to tie, to bind, to link, to bear (fruit), to close (e.g. deal), to confirm, to conclude, to connect (two distant places), to close tightly, to purse (e.g. lips), to unite (with), to ally, to join hands
  • 結構けっこう
    splendid, nice, wonderful, delightful, lovely, excellent, fine, sufficient, satisfactory, enough, fine, all right, OK, not needing (any more of something), (already) having enough, fine (as in "I'm fine"), no, thank you, rather, quite, fairly, pretty, surprisingly, quite a bit, fairly well, structure, construction, framework, architecture
  • 団結だんけつ
    unity, union, solidarity, combination, teaming up
  • 結核けっかく
    tuberculosis, TB, concretion
  • 結びむすび
    ending, conclusion, join, union, connecting, knot, knotting, rice ball
  • 妥結だけつ
    settlement, an agreement
  • 結晶けっしょう
    crystal, crystallization, crystallisation, fruits (of labor, union, etc.)
  • 結末けつまつ
    end, conclusion
  • 結合けつごう
    combination, union, joining, linking, coupling, bond, join (in relational algebra)
  • 完結かんけつ
    conclusion, completion
  • 結託けったく
    conspiracy, collusion