12 strokes

strangle, constrict, wring



Common words

  • 絞るしぼる
    to wring (towel, rag), to squeeze, to squeeze (fruit to extract juice), to press, to extract, to milk, to express milk, to rack (one's brains), to strain (one's voice), to extort, to exploit, to chew out, to reprimand severely, to rake over the coals, to give a sound scolding, to tell someone off, to scold, to rebuke, to drill into, to train, to narrow down (one's focus), to whittle down, to gather up (curtain, etc.), to tighten (drawstring), to stop down (lens), to turn down (e.g. radio), to bend (bow), to draw, to hold down, to constrict, to immobilize
  • 絞めるしめる
    to strangle, to constrict
  • 絞殺こうさつ
    strangulation, strangling
  • 絞首刑こうしゅけい
    death by hanging, execution by hanging