12 strokes

salary, wage, gift, allow, grant, bestow on



Common words

  • 供給きょうきゅう
    supply, provision
  • 給与きゅうよ
    pay, salary, wages, allowance, grant, supply, providing with
  • 支給しきゅう
    provision, supply, payment, allowance, grant
  • 給食きゅうしょく
    provision of lunch (e.g. at office, school, etc.), providing a meal, lunch service
  • 給料きゅうりょう
    salary, wages, pay
  • 需給じゅきゅう
    supply and demand
  • 補給ほきゅう
    supply, supplying, replenishment
  • 給水きゅうすい
    water supply, supplied water, water refill
  • 月給げっきゅう
    monthly salary
  • 時給じきゅう
    hourly pay, hourly wage
  • 初任給しょにんきゅう
    initial salary
  • 昇給しょうきゅう
    salary raise
  • 恩給おんきゅう
    pension (esp. public servant's), a lord giving a land holding to a vassal
  • 日給にっきゅう
    daily wages
  • 俸給ほうきゅう
    salary (esp. public employees), wages, pay