12 strokes

overall, relationship, ruling, governing



Common words

  • 統一とういつ
    unity, consolidation, uniformity, unification, compatible
  • 大統領だいとうりょう
    president (of a nation), big man, boss, buddy, mate
  • 統合とうごう
    integration, unification, unity, combination, consolidation, synthesis
  • 統計とうけい
  • 統治とうち
    rule, reign, government, governing
  • 統制とうせい
    regulation, control
  • 系統けいとう
    system, lineage, ancestry, family line, group (e.g. of colors) (colours), family (e.g. of languages), party, school (of thought), close (evolutionary) relationship, a population sharing a common ancestor (in genetics), strain (e.g. bacterial)
  • 統括とうかつ
    unification, bringing together, generalization, control, supervision
  • 統帥とうすい
    supreme command, high command