13 strokes

continue, series, sequel



Common words

  • 連続れんぞく
    continuation, succession, series
  • 手続きてつづき
    procedure, process, proceedings, formalities
  • 継続けいぞく
    continuation, continuance, going on
  • 持続じぞく
    continuation, persisting, lasting, sustaining, enduring
  • 続々ぞくぞく
    successively, one after another
  • 存続そんぞく
    continuance, survival, persistence, retention, duration
  • 続きつづき
    continuation, rest (of the story, work, etc.), next installment, sequel, flow (e.g. of a piece of writing), pacing (of a story), succession (of), sequence, series, spell, stretch, streak, run
  • 引き続きひきつづき
    continuously, continually, without a break, next, then, after that
  • 相続そうぞく
    succession, inheritance
  • 接続せつぞく
    connection, attachment, union, join, joint, link, changing trains, conjunction
  • 続行ぞっこう
    continuation, continuance, going on, resuming
  • 続出ぞくしゅつ
    appearing one after another, cropping up one after another, occurring in succession
  • 永続えいぞく
    permanence, continuation
  • 立て続けたてつづけ
    succession, continuation, series, sequence
  • 長続きながつづき
    lasting long, continuation, keeping at (something), sticking to (something)