15 strokes

line, track



Common words

  • 新幹線しんかんせん
    Shinkansen, bullet train
  • せん
    line, stripe, stria, line (e.g. telephone line), wire, ray (e.g. X-ray), beam, line (e.g. of a railroad), track, route, lane, outline, contours, form, level, division, line (of action), position, approach, policy, principle, impression one leaves, air one gives off
  • 無線むせん
    radio (communication), wireless, not using wires
  • 線路せんろ
    railway track, railway line, railroad, railway, track, line
  • 内線ないせん
    phone extension, indoor wiring, inner line
  • 直線ちょくせん
    straight line
  • 紫外線しがいせん
    ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet radiation
  • 三味線しゃみせん
    shamisen, samisen, three-stringed Japanese lute
  • 本線ほんせん
    main line, trunk line
  • 沿線えんせん
    alongside a railway line, bus route, major thoroughfare, etc.
  • 光線こうせん
    beam, light ray
  • 伏線ふくせん
    foreshadowing, preparation, precautionary measures
  • 地平線ちへいせん
    horizon (related to land)
  • 線香せんこう
    incense stick
  • 水平線すいへいせん
    horizon (related to bodies of water)
  • 脱線だっせん
    derailment, digression, deviation
  • 白線はくせん
    white line, linea alba (anot.)
  • 導火線どうかせん