15 strokes

slacken, loosen, relax, lessen, be moderate, ease



Common words

  • 緩和かんわ
    relief, mitigation, alleviation, relaxation (of restrictions, tensions, etc.), easing, softening
  • 緩やかゆるやか
    loose, slack, gentle (slope, curve), slow (speed), lenient, liberal, lax
  • 緩急かんきゅう
    high and low speed, fast and slow, pace, tempo, lenience and severity, emergency, crisis, dire situation
  • 緩むゆるむ
    to become loose, to slacken (e.g. rope), to become less tense, to relax, to let one's guard down, to slacken (e.g. coldness, supervision), to become lax, to become softer (e.g. ground, facial expression), (of ice) to partially melt, to decrease (e.g. speed), (of a market price) to go down slightly
  • 緩慢かんまん
    slow, sluggish, dull, lax, sloppy, lenient
  • 緩衝地帯かんしょうちたい
    buffer zone
  • 緩いゆるい
    loose, lenient, lax, gentle (curve, slope, etc.), slow, weak, soft, not firm, difficult, hard