14 strokes

practice, gloss, train, drill, polish, refine



Common words

  • 練習れんしゅう
    practice, training, drill, (an) exercise, workout
  • 訓練くんれん
    training, drill, practice, discipline
  • 試練しれん
    test, trial, ordeal, tribulation
  • 熟練じゅくれん
    skill, dexterity, proficiency
  • 未練みれん
    lingering attachment, lingering affection, regret, reluctance, ruefulness
  • 練るねる
    to knead, to thicken into a paste (stirring over a flame), to polish (a plan, etc.), to refine, to elaborate, to work out, to train, to drill, to exercise, to gloss (silk), to soften, to degum, to tan (leather), to temper (steel), to walk in procession, to parade, to march
  • 修練しゅうれん
    training, drill, practice, practising, discipline
  • 洗練せんれん
    polish, refinement