15 strokes

affinity, relation, connection, edge, border, verge, brink



Common words

  • ふち
    rim, brim, edge, brink
  • 無縁むえん
    unrelated, unconnected, irrelevant, indifferent, divorced from, having nothing to do with one, being foreign to one, without relations (esp. of a deceased person), having no surviving relatives, unrelated to the teachings of Buddha, unable to be saved by Buddha
  • 血縁けつえん
    blood relationship, consanguinity, blood relative
  • 因縁いんねん
    fate, destiny, connection, tie, bond, origin, pretext, justification, hetu and prataya (direct causes and indirect conditions, which underlie the actions of all things)
  • 縁起えんぎ
    omen, sign of luck, origin, history, causation, dependent arising, doctrine that everything has a cause and there is nothing that arises out of nothing
  • 絶縁ぜつえん
    breaking off relations (with), severing one's connections (with), breaking with (e.g. one's past), insulation (electrical or thermal), isolation
  • 額縁がくぶち
    (picture) frame, architrave (of a door, window, etc.)
  • 縁談えんだん
    marriage proposal, marriage talks
  • 縁側えんがわ
    engawa, external corridor on the outer side of traditional Japanese houses, bone at the base of a fin (esp. of a flatfish), meat at the base of a fin