16 strokes

vertical, length, height, self-indulgent, wayward



Common words

  • 操縦そうじゅう
    steering, piloting, flying, control, operation, handling, management (of people), handling, manipulation, maneuvering
  • たて
    the vertical, height, front-to-back, length, north-to-south, vertical (relationship), hierarchy, (weaving) warp
  • 縦横じゅうおう
    length and width, length and breadth, lengthwise and crosswise, longitude and latitude, vertical and horizontal, four cardinal points, every direction, as one wishes, as one pleases, at will, warp and weft, warp and woof
  • 縦断じゅうだん
    running through (north-south), cutting across, travelling across, cutting vertically, sectioning longitudinally
  • 縦書きたてがき
    writing vertically, vertical writing