17 strokes

shrink, contract, shrivel, wrinkle, reduce



Common words

  • 軍縮ぐんしゅく
    reduction of armaments, disarmament
  • 縮小しゅくしょう
    reduction, curtailment, cut, cutback, scaling down
  • 短縮たんしゅく
    shortening, contraction, reduction, curtailment, abbreviation
  • 圧縮あっしゅく
    compression, condensing, shortening, summarizing, compression (of data)
  • 濃縮のうしゅく
    concentration (e.g. of a solution), enrichment, condensation
  • 恐縮きょうしゅく
    feeling (much) obliged, being (very) grateful, being thankful, feeling sorry (for troubling someone), feeling ashamed (e.g. of an error), feeling embarrassed (e.g. by someone's compliments, hospitality, etc.), shrinking back in fear
  • 縮図しゅくず
    reduced drawing, miniature copy, microcosm, microcosmos
  • 縮みちぢみ
    shrinkage, cotton crepe
  • 縮むちぢむ
    to shrink, to contract, to diminish (in size)
  • 伸縮しんしゅく
    expansion and contraction, elasticity, flexibility
  • 縮尺しゅくしゃく
    reduced scale, scaling down
  • 縮まるちぢまる
    to shorten, to narrow, to close, to shrink