11 strokes




Common words

  • 練習れんしゅう
    practice, training, drill, (an) exercise, workout
  • 学習がくしゅう
    study, learning, tutorial
  • 演習えんしゅう
    practice, exercise, drill, military exercise, manoeuvres, maneuvers, drill, seminar
  • 習慣しゅうかん
    habit, (social) custom, practice, convention
  • 実習じっしゅう
    practice (in the field), training (esp. practical and hands-on), practical exercise, drill
  • 慣習かんしゅう
    custom, convention, common practice, becoming accustomed (to)
  • 習得しゅうとく
    learning, acquisition (of a skill, knowledge, etc.)
  • 常習じょうしゅう
    custom, common practice, habit
  • 習字しゅうじ
    penmanship, calligraphy
  • 見習いみならい
    apprenticeship, probation, learning by observation, apprentice, trainee, probationer
  • 予習よしゅう
    preparation for a lesson
  • 自習じしゅう
    self-study, teaching oneself, studying by oneself (at school) while the teacher is absent
  • 復習ふくしゅう
    review (of learned material), revision
  • 習うならう
    to take lessons in, to be taught, to learn (from a teacher), to study (under a teacher), to get training in
  • 因習いんしゅう
    convention, tired tradition, old custom
  • 見習うみならう
    to follow (someone's) example, to imitate, to copy, to pattern oneself on, to learn (by observation)