18 strokes

flip, turn over, wave, flutter, change (mind)



Common words

  • 翻訳ほんやく
    translation, deciphering, decoding, translation
  • 翻意ほんい
    changing one's mind
  • 翻案ほんあん
    adaptation (of a novel, play, etc.)
  • 翻弄ほんろう
    having at one's mercy, trifling with, toying with, playing with, making a fool of, leading around by the nose, tossing about (a ship), buffeting
  • 翻すひるがえす
    to turn over, to turn around, to change (one's mind), to reverse (one's decision), to take back (one's words), to fly (flag, etc.), to wave (skirt, cape, etc.)
  • 翻るひるがえる
    to flutter (in the wind), to wave, to flap, to fly, to turn over, to flip over, to suddenly change (attitude, opinion, etc.), to suddenly switch, to alter, to flip