6 strokes

old man, old age, grow old



Common words

  • 老人ろうじん
    old person, senior citizen, the aged, the elderly
  • 老後ろうご
    old age
  • 長老ちょうろう
    elder, senior, senior monk, dean, presbyter, patriarch
  • 老衰ろうすい
    senility, senile decay, infirmity (through age)
  • 老朽ろうきゅう
    infirmity (due to old age), decrepitude, senility, senescence, superannuation
  • 老いおい
    old age, old person, the old, the aged
  • 老齢ろうれい
    old age, advanced age
  • 老化ろうか
    ageing, aging, senile deterioration
  • 老舗しにせ
    long-established shop, shop of long standing, old shop
  • 敬老けいろう
    respect for the aged
  • 老夫婦ろうふうふ
    old couple, elderly couple
  • 老若ろうにゃく
    young and old, all ages
  • 海老えび
    prawn, shrimp, lobster, crayfish
  • 老婆ろうば
    old woman
  • 老子ろうし
    Laozi, Lao Tzu, Lao Tse
  • 老いるおいる
    to age, to grow old
  • 元老げんろう
    elder statesman, doyen, old-timer, authority, genrō (member of a pre-WWII body that informally advised the emperor)