13 strokes

holy, saint, sage, master, priest



Common words

  • 聖域せいいき
    sacred precincts, sanctuary, consecrated ground, holy ground, issue that is regarded as being off-limits, matter that is not up for discussion
  • 聖書せいしょ
    Bible, the Scriptures, Holy Writ
  • 聖堂せいどう
    (Confucian) temple, church, sanctuary
  • 神聖しんせい
    holiness, sacredness, sanctity, dignity
  • 聖母せいぼ
    holy mother, birth mother of a holy man (or woman), Virgin Mary
  • 聖人せいじん
    saint, wise and virtuous person (esp. in Confucianism), great religious teacher, sage, refined sake