14 strokes

hear, ask, listen



Common words

  • 新聞しんぶん
  • 聞かすきかす
    to let (someone) hear, to tell (e.g. a story), to inform (of), to make (someone) listen, to make (someone) understand, to drum into (someone), to grip (someone) with skilful singing, storytelling, etc., to hold (someone) enchanted by
  • 新聞社しんぶんしゃ
    newspaper company
  • 聞き手ききて
    hearer, listener, audience, interviewer, questioner
  • 新聞紙しんぶんし
    newsprint, newspaper used for wrapping, packing, etc., newspaper
  • 前代未聞ぜんだいみもん
    unheard-of, unprecedented, unparalleled in history (unparallelled), record-breaking
  • 聞き取りききとり
    listening comprehension, aural comprehension, hearing what others say, gathering information, opinions, etc., public hearing
  • 聞こえるきこえる
    to be heard, to be audible, to reach one's ears, to sound (like), to come across (as), to be well known, to be famous, to accept (someone's words), to agree, to understand
  • 見聞けんぶん
    information, experience, knowledge, observation
  • 聞き取るききとる
    to catch (someone's words), to make out, to follow, to understand, to ask about (a situation, circumstances, etc.), to inquire
  • 醜聞しゅうぶん