17 strokes

listen, headstrong, naughty, careful inquiry



Common words

  • 聴取ちょうしゅ
    hearing (of a statement, opinion, explanation, etc.), asking, questioning (e.g. a suspect), enquiry, listening (e.g. to the radio)
  • 公聴会こうちょうかい
    public hearing
  • 聴衆ちょうしゅう
    audience, attendance, hearers
  • 傍聴ぼうちょう
    listening (to a lecture, hearing, parliament session, etc.), attending (without participating), sitting in (e.g. on a meeting), observing
  • 聴覚ちょうかく
    the sense of hearing
  • 聴講ちょうこう
    lecture attendance, auditing
  • 傾聴けいちょう
    listening closely