18 strokes

post, employment, work



Common words

  • 職員しょくいん
    staff member, employee, worker, personnel
  • 職業しょくぎょう
    occupation, profession, job, vocation, trade, calling, business
  • 汚職おしょく
  • 職場しょくば
    one's post, place of work, workplace
  • 就職しゅうしょく
    finding employment, getting a job
  • 現職げんしょく
    present post, current office, (an) incumbent
  • 退職たいしょく
    retirement, resignation
  • 辞職じしょく
  • 無職むしょく
    without an occupation, unemployed, jobless
  • しょく
    job, work, employment, occupation, position, duties, trade, skill
  • 職務しょくむ
    professional duties
  • 職人しょくにん
    craftsman, artisan, tradesman, worker, workman
  • 免職めんしょく
    dismissal, sacking, discharge
  • 求職きゅうしょく
    job hunting, seeking employment
  • 内職ないしょく
    side job (outside of one's main employment), side gig, side hustle, part job (carried out at home), home industry, (secretly) working on something unrelated to the class (or conference, etc.) one is attending
  • 名誉職めいよしょく
    honorary position
  • 殉職じゅんしょく
    dying at one's post, being killed in the line of duty