8 strokes

fertilizer, get fat, fertile, manure, pamper



Common words

  • 肥満ひまん
    corpulence, fatness, obesity
  • 肥料ひりょう
    manure, fertilizer, fertiliser, compost
  • 肥大ひだい
    swelling, enlargement, becoming fat, hypertrophy
  • こえ
    manure, night soil, dung, fertiliser, fertilizer
  • 肥えるこえる
    to grow fat, to gain weight, to put on weight, to grow fertile, to be refined (palate), to be discerning (eye, ear), to become rich, to become successful
  • 肥やしこやし
    manure, night soil, dung, fertiliser, fertilizer, something that will help one develop in the future
  • 肥やすこやす
    to fertilize, to fertilise, to manure, to enrich