8 strokes

bring up, grow up, raise, rear



Common words

  • 教育きょういく
    education, schooling, training, instruction, teaching, upbringing, culture, cultivation, education
  • 体育たいいく
    physical education, PE, gym (class)
  • 育児いくじ
    childcare, child-rearing, nursing, upbringing
  • 飼育しいく
    breeding, raising, rearing
  • 保育所ほいくしょ
    nursery school, nursery
  • 育ちそだち
    growth, breeding, growing up (in, as), upbringing
  • 生育せいいく
    birth and growth, giving birth and raising, development, breeding
  • 養育よういく
    bringing up, rearing, upbringing
  • 育つそだつ
    to be raised (e.g. child), to be brought up, to grow (up)
  • 発育はついく
    (physical) growth, development
  • 生涯教育しょうがいきょういく
    lifelong education, continuing education, further education