9 strokes

stature, height, back, behind, disobey, defy, go back on, rebel



Common words

  • 背景はいけい
    background, scenery, backdrop, setting, background (of an incident, situation, etc.), circumstances, context, backing, support (from behind the scenes)
  • 背中せなか
    back (of the body)
  • せい
    height, stature
  • 背広せびろ
    business suit
  • 背骨せぼね
    spine, backbone, spinal column
  • 背信はいしん
    betrayal, infidelity
  • 背丈せたけ
    stature, height
  • 背負うせおう
    to carry on one's back, to be burdened with, to take responsibility for, to have (something) in the background, to be in front (of something), to be conceited, to think highly of oneself