14 strokes

rot, decay, sour




Common words

  • 腐敗ふはい
    decomposition, putrefaction, putrescence, spoilage, corruption, degeneracy, decay, depravity
  • 豆腐とうふ
    tofu, bean curd, beancurd
  • 腐心ふしん
    taking great pains (to do), making every effort, having a lot of trouble (doing), racking one's brains
  • 腐食ふしょく
    corrosion, etching, erosion, rot, decay, rust, saprophagy
  • 陳腐ちんぷ
    stale, hackneyed, cliched
  • 腐るくさる
    to rot, to go bad, to decay, to spoil, to fester, to decompose, to turn sour (e.g. milk), to corrode, to weather, to crumble, to become useless, to blunt, to weaken (from lack of practice), to become depraved, to be degenerate, to be morally bankrupt, to be corrupt, to be depressed, to be dispirited, to feel discouraged, to feel down, to have the audacity to, to be bastard enough to, to lose a bet, to be drenched, to become sopping wet