18 strokes

look to, face, meet, confront, attend, call on



Common words

  • 臨時りんじ
    temporary, provisional, interim, special, extraordinary, extra
  • 臨床りんしょう
    clinical (e.g. pathology, physiology)
  • 君臨くんりん
    reigning (over a country), dominating, controlling, dictating
  • 臨終りんじゅう
    deathbed, dying hour, one's death
  • 臨むのぞむ
    to look out on, to overlook, to front onto, to face (a situation, crisis, etc.), to meet (e.g. death), to be confronted by, to deal with (an issue), to attend (e.g. a function), to appear (e.g. in court), to be present at, to go to (e.g. a place), to take part in, to participate, to join