16 strokes

entertain, revive, retrieve, interest, pleasure



Common words

  • 興味きょうみ
    interest (in something), curiosity (about something), zest (for)
  • 振興しんこう
    promotion, encouragement
  • 復興ふっこう
    revival, reconstruction, restoration, rebuilding, recovery, renaissance
  • きょう
    interest, entertainment, pleasure, implicit comparison (style of the Shi Jing)
  • 新興しんこう
    rising, developing, emergent, burgeoning, new
  • 興奮こうふん
    excitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
  • 興行こうぎょう
    show, performance, act, entertainment industry, show business
  • 興業こうぎょう
    promotion of industry, inauguration of a new industrial enterprise
  • 即興そっきょう
    improvisation, improvised, impromptu, extempore, ad-lib, off-the-cuff
  • 興味津々きょうみしんしん
    very interesting, of absorbing interest, having a keen interest (in), being immensely curious (about)
  • 興味深いきょうみぶかい
    very interesting, of great interest
  • 興隆こうりゅう
    rise, prosperity
  • 興すおこす
    to vitalize (e.g. an industry), to invigorate, to energize, to revive, to promote, to make prosperous, to establish (e.g. a company), to build up, to set up, to launch, to commence
  • 興信所こうしんじょ
    detective agency, enquiry agency