7 strokes

good, pleasing, skilled



Common words

  • 不良ふりょう
    bad, poor, inferior, defective, delinquent, hoodlum, hooligan
  • 改良かいりょう
    improvement, reform
  • 良いよい
    good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable, sufficient, enough, ready, prepared, profitable (deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial, OK, all right, fine, no problem, easy to ...
  • 良好りょうこう
    good, fine, excellent, favorable, favourable, satisfactory
  • 良心りょうしん
  • 仲良くなかよく
    on good terms (with), on friendly terms (with), (getting along) well, in harmony, happily, peacefully
  • 良質りょうしつ
    good quality, fine quality, superior quality, high quality
  • 最良さいりょう
    the best, ideal
  • 仲良しなかよし
    close friendship, close friend, good friend, bosom buddy, chum, pal
  • 善良ぜんりょう
    good (person, nature, etc.), good-natured, virtuous, honest
  • 良妻りょうさい
    good wife