6 strokes




Common words

  • いろ
    colour, color, hue, tint, tinge, shade, complexion, skin colour, skin color, look (on one's face), expression, appearance, air, feeling, personality, character, tone (of one's voice, etc.), tune, sound, ring, love, lust, sensuality, love affair, lover, paramour, beauty, sexiness, physical appeal, kind, type, variety
  • 色彩しきさい
    colour, color, hue, tints
  • 特色とくしょく
    characteristic, feature, idiosyncrasy, personal colour, spot color
  • 黄色きいろ
    yellow, amber
  • 灰色はいいろ
    grey, gray, ashen
  • 景色けしき
    scenery, scene, landscape
  • 緑色みどりいろ
    green, green color
  • 茶色ちゃいろ
    brown, light brown, tawny
  • 音色ねいろ
    tone color, tone colour, tone quality, timbre
  • 顔色かおいろ
    complexion, one's colour, one's color, countenance, expression, one's face
  • 金色きんいろ
    gold (colour, color)
  • 色紙しきし
    square fancy cardboard, used for autographs, poetry, etc.
  • 染色せんしょく
    dyeing, staining, dyed colour (color)
  • 紫色むらさきいろ
    purple, violet
  • 褐色かっしょく
    dark brown, colour of tanned skin
  • 彩色さいしき
    colouring, coloring, colouration, coloration, painting
  • 銀色ぎんいろ
    silver (color, colour)
  • 脚色きゃくしょく
    dramatization (e.g. of a novel), dramatisation, adaptation (for the stage or screen), embellishment (of the facts), exaggeration, dramatization, embroidery
  • 原色げんしょく
    primary colour, primary color, pure color, unmixed color, striking color, original color (of a painting, etc. as opposed to a reproduction)
  • 着色ちゃくしょく
    colouring, coloring, colorant