9 strokes

laid waste, rough, rude, wild



Common words

  • 荒廃こうはい
    ruin, destruction, devastation, waste, decay
  • 荒れるあれる
    to become stormy, to become rough (of the sea), to fall into ruin, to become neglected, to become dilapidated, to become rough (of skin), to get chapped, to become unruly, to become violent, to go wild, to get out of control, to become unsettled (e.g. of one's life), to become disordered
  • 荒らすあらす
    to lay waste, to devastate, to damage, to invade, to break into, to troll (e.g. web forums), to spam
  • 荒野こうや
    wasteland, wilderness, deserted land, prairie, vast plain, wilds, desert, wild land
  • 荒っぽいあらっぽい
    wild, violent, rough-mannered, rude, rough (e.g. work), crude, coarse, careless
  • 荒いあらい
    rough, wild, violent, rude, coarse, harsh, fierce, heavy (e.g. breathing), immoderate, extravagant, reckless
  • 荒々しいあらあらしい
    rough, wild, rude, harsh, gruff, violent