13 strokes

steam, heat, sultry, foment, get musty



Common words

  • 蒸気じょうき
    steam, vapour, vapor, steamboat, steam locomotive
  • 蒸すむす
    to steam (food, towel, etc.), to be hot and humid, to be sultry
  • 水蒸気すいじょうき
    water vapour, water vapor, steam
  • 蒸発じょうはつ
    evaporation, disappearance (of a person), vanishing without a trace
  • 蒸し暑いむしあつい
    humid, sultry
  • 蒸し返すむしかえす
    to reheat, to steam over, to bring up again (a problem that has been dealt with), to take up again, to drag up, to rehash