16 strokes

dilute, thin, weak (tea), pampas grass



Common words

  • 薄れるうすれる
    to fade, to become dim
  • 薄いうすい
    thin, pale, light, faint, watery, thin, dilute, weak (taste, etc.), little (affection, etc.) not much (of a presence), slim (probability, etc.), small, sparse, patchy, scattered
  • 薄暗いうすぐらい
    dim, gloomy
  • 軽薄けいはく
    frivolous, flippant, superficial, shallow, trifling, insincere
  • 薄めるうすめる
    to dilute, to water down
  • 薄まるうすまる
    to become weak
  • 薄着うすぎ
    being lightly dressed
  • 薄らぐうすらぐ
    to become thin, to fade, to grow pale
  • 薄弱はくじゃく
    feebleness, weakness, weak