12 strokes

masses, great numbers, multitude, populace



Common words

  • 大衆たいしゅう
    general public, the masses
  • 民衆みんしゅう
    people, populace, masses
  • 聴衆ちょうしゅう
    audience, attendance, hearers
  • 衆議院しゅうぎいん
    House of Representatives (lower house of the National Diet of Japan)
  • 観衆かんしゅう
    spectators, onlookers, members of the audience
  • 公衆電話こうしゅうでんわ
    public telephone, pay phone
  • 群衆ぐんしゅう
    group (of people), crowd, horde, throng, mob, multitude
  • 公衆こうしゅう
    the public, general public
  • 大衆文学たいしゅうぶんがく
    popular literature