12 strokes

attire, dress, pretend, disguise, profess



Common words

  • 武装ぶそう
    arms, armament, taking up arms, arming oneself
  • 装置そうち
    equipment, device, installation, apparatus, stage setting
  • 衣装いしょう
    clothing, costume, outfit, garment, dress
  • 服装ふくそう
    garments, attire
  • 包装ほうそう
    packing, wrapping
  • 装飾そうしょく
    ornament, decoration
  • 偽装ぎそう
    camouflage, disguise, pretense, feigning, masquerade
  • 装うよそおう
    to dress (oneself in), to attire oneself in, to adorn, to decorate, to pretend, to feign, to affect, to disguise oneself as
  • 舗装ほそう
    paving (a road), surfacing (with asphalt, concrete, etc.), pavement
  • 仮装かそう
    costume, fancy dress, masquerade, disguise, converted (cruiser)
  • 正装せいそう
    full dress, formal dress, uniform