12 strokes

supplement, supply, make good, offset, compensate, assistant, learner



Common words

  • 候補こうほ
    candidate, contender, prospect, pick, choice, list, candidacy, candidature, nomination
  • 補償ほしょう
    compensation, reparation
  • 補助ほじょ
    assistance, support, help, aid, subsidy, supplement, subvention, grant-in-aid, spotting (in weight training)
  • 立候補りっこうほ
    candidacy, standing as a candidate, bidding (to host an event, e.g. the Olympics)
  • 補佐ほさ
    aid, help, assistance, assistant, counselor, counsellor, adviser, advisor
  • 補給ほきゅう
    supply, supplying, replenishment
  • 補強ほきょう
    reinforcement, strengthening
  • 補正ほせい
    correction, revision, compensation (e.g. to a pendulum)
  • 補欠ほけつ
    filling a vacancy, supplementation, substitute, deputy, alternate, spare
  • 補充ほじゅう
    replenishment, supplementation, supplement, replacement, refilling
  • 補足ほそく
    supplement, complement
  • 補うおぎなう
    to supplement, to make up for, to compensate for, to cover (a shortage, loss, etc.), to fill (e.g. a vacancy)