11 strokes

standard, measure



Common words

  • 規模きぼ
    scale, scope, plan, structure
  • 規制きせい
    regulation, (traffic) policing, control, restriction
  • 規定きてい
    stipulation, prescription, provision, regulation, rule, normal (unit of normality), compulsory exercise (in gymnastics), compulsory routine, compulsory dance (figure skating), (a) compulsory
  • 新規しんき
    new, fresh, new item (e.g. customer, regulation), newly created object, new customer
  • 規則きそく
    rule, regulation
  • 正規せいき
    regular, normal, formal, legal, established, legitimate
  • 規律きりつ
    order, observance, discipline, rules, law, regulations
  • 法規ほうき
    laws and regulations, legislation
  • 規範きはん
    model, standard, pattern, norm, criterion, example
  • 不規則ふきそく
    irregularity, unsteadiness, disorderly
  • 定規じょうぎ
    (measuring) ruler