16 strokes

parent, intimacy, relative, familiarity, dealer (cards)



Common words

  • 母親ははおや
  • おや
    parent, parents, mother and father, dealer, banker, founder, inventor, (pet) owner, key, parent (organization), main, ancestor, forefather
  • 父親ちちおや
  • 両親りょうしん
    parents, both parents
  • 親子おやこ
    parent and child
  • 親類しんるい
    relative, relation, kin
  • 親善しんぜん
    friendship, goodwill, friendly relations, amity
  • 肉親にくしん
    blood relationship, blood relative
  • 親族しんぞく
    relative, relation
  • 親しむしたしむ
    to be intimate with, to befriend
  • 親友しんゆう
    close friend, bosom friend, buddy, crony, chum
  • 親切しんせつ
    kind, gentle, considerate, generous, friendly, nice
  • 親密しんみつ
    intimacy, friendship
  • 親指おやゆび
    thumb, big toe
  • 親しみしたしみ
    intimacy, affection, familiarity
  • 親日しんにち
  • 親しいしたしい
    close (e.g. friend), familiar, friendly, intimate, familiar (e.g. story), well-known (to one), close (relatives), closely related
  • 親孝行おやこうこう
    filial piety, being kind to one's parents, taking care of one's parents
  • 親戚しんせき
    relative, relation, kin
  • 親愛しんあい
    deep affection, dear, beloved