9 strokes

plot, plan, scheme, measure



Common words

  • 計画けいかく
    plan, project, schedule, scheme, program, programme
  • 設計せっけい
    plan, design, layout
  • 合計ごうけい
    sum total, total amount
  • 計算けいさん
    calculation, reckoning, count, forecast
  • 統計とうけい
  • 会計かいけい
    accounting, finance, account, reckoning, bill (at a restaurant), check, accountant, treasurer, paymaster, cashier, settlement (of a bill, fee, etc.), payment, economic condition
  • けい
    plan, meter, measuring device, (in) total, total (of)
  • 時計とけい
    clock, watch, timepiece
  • 家計かけい
    household economy, family finances
  • 余計よけい
    extra, more, too much, too many, excessive, superfluous, spare, surplus, unnecessary, needless, uncalled-for, unwanted, uninvited, all the more, even more
  • 累計るいけい
    cumulative total, accumulated total, total up to now
  • 腕時計うでどけい
    wristwatch, watch
  • 生計せいけい
    livelihood, living
  • 家計簿かけいぼ
    household account book
  • 総計そうけい
    total, sum
  • 目覚まし時計めざましどけい
    alarm clock
  • 体温計たいおんけい
    (clinical) thermometer