12 strokes

evaluate, criticism, comment



Common words

  • 評価ひょうか
    valuation, appraisal, evaluation, assessment, estimation, rating, judging, appreciation, recognition, acknowledgement, rating highly, praising
  • 評判ひょうばん
    reputation, (public) estimation, popularity, rumour, rumor, talk (e.g. of the town), fame, notoriety
  • 評論ひょうろん
    criticism, critique
  • 批評ひひょう
    criticism, critique, review, commentary
  • 書評しょひょう
    book review
  • 論評ろんぴょう
    comment, criticism, critique, review
  • ひょう
    criticism, commentary, review
  • 酷評こくひょう
    severe criticism, sharp criticism, scathing criticism, diatribe, panning