14 strokes

acknowledge, witness, discern, recognize, appreciate, believe



Common words

  • 承認しょうにん
    recognition, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, approval, consent, agreement
  • 認識にんしき
    recognition, awareness, perception, understanding, knowledge, cognition, cognizance, cognisance
  • 確認かくにん
    confirmation, verification, validation, review, check, affirmation, identification
  • 公認こうにん
    official recognition, official approval, certification, authorization, authorisation
  • 認定にんてい
    authorization, authorisation, acknowledgment, acknowledgement, certification, recognition
  • 認可にんか
    approval, license, licence, permission
  • 否認ひにん
    denial, negation, repudiation, disapproval
  • 認めみとめ
    approval, acceptance, recognition, acknowledgement, private seal, signet
  • 黙認もくにん
    connivance, tacit consent, toleration, acquiescence
  • 認めるみとめる
    to recognize, to recognise, to observe, to notice, to deem, to judge, to assess, to approve, to deem acceptable, to allow, to admit, to accept, to confess (to a charge), to watch steadily, to observe carefully, to renown, to give renown to, to appreciate, to acknowledge
  • 是認ぜにん