15 strokes

discuss, talk



Common words

  • 会談かいだん
    talks (i.e. formal discussions), conference, meeting
  • 相談そうだん
    consultation, discussion, discussing, asking (someone) for advice
  • 懇談こんだん
    informal talk
  • 談話だんわ
    talk, conversation, dialogue, informal expression of opinion, off-the-cuff remarks, comment, discourse
  • 冗談じょうだん
    joke, jest, funny story
  • 対談たいだん
    talk, dialogue, conversation
  • 商談しょうだん
    business discussion, negotiation
  • 座談会ざだんかい
    symposium, round-table discussion
  • 雑談ざつだん
    chatting, idle talk
  • 面談めんだん
  • 示談じだん
    settlement out of court, private settlement
  • 談笑だんしょう
    friendly chat, pleasant chat, lighthearted talk, friendly conversation
  • 縁談えんだん
    marriage proposal, marriage talks
  • 漫談まんだん
    chat, desultory conversation
  • 歓談かんだん
    pleasant talk, chat
  • 余談よだん