19 strokes

discriminating, know, write



Common words

  • 意識いしき
    consciousness, becoming aware (of), awareness, sense, mano-vijnana (mental consciousness, cognizer of sensory information)
  • 認識にんしき
    recognition, awareness, perception, understanding, knowledge, cognition, cognizance, cognisance
  • 知識ちしき
    knowledge, information
  • 常識じょうしき
    common sense, good sense, common knowledge, general knowledge, common practice, accepted practice, social etiquette
  • 学識がくしき
    scholarship, scientific attainments
  • 標識ひょうしき
    sign, mark, flag
  • 識別しきべつ
    discrimination, discernment, identification
  • 無意識むいしき
    unconsciousness, unconscious, involuntary, automatic, mechanical, unintentional, spontaneous, the unconscious (psychoanalysis)
  • 非常識ひじょうしき
    lack of common sense, thoughtlessness, senselessness, irrationality, absurdity