20 strokes

deliberation, consultation, debate, consideration



Common words

  • 会議かいぎ
    meeting, conference, session, assembly, council, convention, congress
  • 議会ぎかい
    congress, parliament, diet, legislative assembly
  • 議員ぎいん
    member of an assembly, member of the Diet, member of parliament, member of Congress
  • 決議けつぎ
    resolution, vote, decision
  • 審議しんぎ
    deliberation, discussion, consideration
  • 協議きょうぎ
    conference, consultation, discussion, negotiation
  • 議長ぎちょう
    chair, chairman, chairperson, speaker (of an assembly), president (of a council, senate, etc.)
  • 論議ろんぎ
    discussion, argument, debate
  • 議論ぎろん
    argument, discussion, dispute, controversy
  • 閣議かくぎ
    cabinet meeting
  • 議席ぎせき
    parliamentary seat
  • 抗議こうぎ
    protest, objection
  • 討議とうぎ
    debate, discussion
  • 議題ぎだい
    topic of discussion, agenda
  • 参議院さんぎいん
    House of Councillors (upper house of the National Diet of Japan)
  • 会議室かいぎしつ
    conference room, council room
  • 議決ぎけつ
    resolution, decision, vote
  • 衆議院しゅうぎいん
    House of Representatives (lower house of the National Diet of Japan)
  • 異議いぎ
    objection, dissent, protest
  • 代議士だいぎし
    parliamentarian, member of a congress