7 strokes

leg, foot, be sufficient, counter for pairs of footwear



Common words

  • あし
    foot, paw, arm (of an octopus, squid, etc.), leg, gait, pace, bottom structural component (i.e. radical) of a kanji, means of transportation, (one's) ride, money, coin
  • 不足ふそく
    insufficiency, deficiency, shortage, lack, scarcity, deficit, dissatisfaction, discontent, complaint
  • 発足ほっそく
    starting, inauguration, launch, founding, establishment, start-up
  • 満足まんぞく
    satisfaction, contentment, gratification, sufficient, satisfactory, enough, adequate, proper, decent, satisfying (an equation)
  • 足元あしもと
    at one's feet, underfoot, one's step (as in "watch your step"), gait, pace, step, most recent, current
  • 手足てあし
    hands and feet, limbs, person at one's beck and call, person at hand, reliable worker
  • 足跡あしあと
    footprints, record of page visitors (e.g. in social networking sites)
  • 足取りあしどり
    gait, walk, stride, pace, step, manner of walking, trace (e.g. of route taken by hunted criminal), track, trail, movements
  • 足首あしくび
  • 一足いっそく
    a pair (of shoes or socks)
  • 足踏みあしぶみ
    stepping (in place), stamping (up and down), stomping, marking time (for a soldier), standstill, stalemate
  • 補足ほそく
    supplement, complement
  • 足音あしおと
    sound of footsteps, sense or sign that something is approaching
  • 充足じゅうそく
  • 遠足えんそく
    school trip, field trip, excursion, outing, long walk, excursion (on foot)
  • 足るたる
    to be sufficient, to be enough, to be worth doing, to be worthy of, to deserve, to do (the job), to serve, to answer
  • 足止めあしどめ
    preventing (someone) from leaving, confinement, keeping indoors, inducement to stay, being stranded, grounding, level dyeing
  • 物足りないものたりない
    unsatisfied, unsatisfactory, insufficient
  • 駆け足かけあし
    running fast, double time, cantering, doing things in a hurry
  • 勇み足いさみあし
    overeagerness, rashness, forward step-out