13 strokes

path, route, road, distance



Common words

  • 道路どうろ
    road, highway
  • 路上ろじょう
    on the road, on the street, in the street, on the way
  • 進路しんろ
    route, course, path, one's future course (e.g. after graduating high school)
  • 高速道路こうそくどうろ
    highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
  • 線路せんろ
    railway track, railway line, railroad, railway, track, line
  • 回路かいろ
    circuit (electric), cycle (e.g. Krebs cycle)
  • 航路こうろ
    (air or sea) route, course, line, run
  • 経路けいろ
    course, route, path, channel, process, stages
  • 通路つうろ
    passage, pathway, roadway, avenue, aisle
  • 路地ろじ
    alley, alleyway, lane, path through a gate or garden, teahouse garden
  • 水路すいろ
    waterway, canal, channel, watercourse, aqueduct, swimming pool lane
  • 陸路りくろ
    land route, overland route, by land, overland
  • 岐路きろ
    forked road, crossroads
  • 迷路めいろ
    maze, labyrinth, inner ear
  • 街路がいろ
    road, street, avenue
  • 販路はんろ
    market (for goods, services, etc.), outlet (for selling), opening
  • 袋小路ふくろこうじ
    blind alley, cul-de-sac, dead end street, deadlock, impasse, dead end
  • 針路しんろ
    course, direction
  • 帰路きろ
    one's way back, one's way home
  • 海路かいろ
    sea route