15 strokes

step, trample, carry through, appraise, evade payment



Common words

  • 踏まえるふまえる
    to be based on, to take into account, to build upon, to have origin in, to have one's feet firmly planted on, to plant oneself on
  • 踏切ふみきり
    railway crossing, railroad crossing, train crossing, level crossing, starting line, scratch, determination, stepping over the edge of the ring
  • 舞踏ぶとう
    dance (esp. Western style), dancing
  • 足踏みあしぶみ
    stepping (in place), stamping (up and down), stomping, marking time (for a soldier), standstill, stalemate
  • 踏むふむ
    to step on, to tread on, to trample on, to set foot on (e.g. foreign soil), to stand on, to visit, to experience, to undergo, to follow (rules, principles, etc.), to go through (e.g. formalities), to complete, to estimate, to guess, to judge, to value, to appraise, to rhyme, to succeed to (e.g. the throne)
  • 踏ん張るふんばる
    to brace one's legs, to stand firm, to plant one's feet (firmly on the ground), to hold out, to persist, to make an effort, to exert oneself
  • 雑踏ざっとう
    hustle and bustle, throng, crowd, congestion, traffic jam
  • 踏み切るふみきる
    to take off, to jump, to leap, to take the plunge, to decide, to embark on, to venture into, to launch out into, to step out of the ring